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In Traverse City

Boardman Valley Trails
The Grand Traverse County Natural Education Reserve is a 420-acre tract that includes excellent habitat for beaver, otter,
mink, fox, deer, and many other animals and birds. Created as a “natural environmental classroom for area youth,” it has
nearly 7 miles of improved trails along the Boardman River with boardwalks, bridges and scenic overlooks. Four trails can be
accessed from Cass Road, while another three can be reached from Keystone Road. Just north of the reserve (and
connected to it) is a small trail system operated by the Grand Traverse Bay YMCA on South Airport Road.

Things To Do

Things To Do In Winter

Let’s see, winter activities in Northern Michigan and Traverse City???   The Grand Traverse Bay region is a winter
playground where all the pleasures of snow are abundant.

Outdoor Activities
In addition to skiing, snowshoeing and snowmobiling, the Traverse City region also hosts several outdoor skating rinks,
four year-round indoor hockey rinks and other winter diversions including sleigh rides. Follow the links below for details
on the major outdoor sports.

10 Vacation Rental Myths

10 Vacation Rental Myths:   Busted !!

Don’t let these unfortunate vacation rental myths prevent you from taking the most affordable and memorable vacation of
your lifetime! There are many, many advantages to a vacation rental.  Once you go vacation rental, you never go back.

Myth #1: Staying in a vacation rental property can be expensive.
The advantages and value that vacation rentals hold is immensely superior to hotels or motels and this argument gets even
easier to make when you actually price out the various options.  Hotel packages?  I don’t think so…..  Advantage:  Vacation



“Traverse City & Northern Michigan Vacation Rental Homes, Cottages, Condos and Cabins.”



Life Coaching Is Often Famed For Changing Lives

Life coaches all around the world have a very fulfilling and satisfying life and they are always trying to get the most out of the people and give them nada. Well that was what I thought about them but then I thought statistics aside what can they say that can make people feel good and changed and what can make them tick and I think there is a deep study of their psyche is under process because they are some wild bunch of people who come out to do business with their own ideologies and they are pretty hard to profile. They are the people who are always seen as the father figure and that is a good point to note. Let me just start it saying that the priest and worshippers all around the world were old age life coach because everyone who was in trouble went to them for guidance and they obliged with whatever they knew and they worked accordingly even though sometime their solution might seem whacky because those were really whacky and that wackiness would go on.

People wouldn’t question their method and oblige whatever they said and then go on doing that thing because they believed in them and they were the heads of the society in a sense and they always tried to be superior. There were Hindu priests whose solution I might say are the most whacky of any in the whole world because they should advise someone to carry a stone tied to their ball a hundred miles to some monastery or shaving their head and carving the gods name there and things like that. And there might be lot of other instance like that because they are the standard the general wackiness is measured in the religious world.

You can call the online life coach the atheist or moderate priests of life and they really focus on having the people of all walks of life believe in him first like they did to the priests before the time and then he would make some suggestion according to the primal and hidden need of the person. They unearth the most basic need of the person and help him grow with the ultimate thing he wants from life and that might be anything but the life coach always works with it and he has consumer- server code which is strengthened by the law. They will never out the patient or the customer and I don’t even know who they are called but I would want to say they are both bollocks and nice guys at the same time and it’s your choice you are going or not.